Zhejiang promising is the design, production and sales of high-end fasteners, standard nuts and special-shaped cold forging pieces. Factories located in Zhejiang Haiyan County Economic Development Zone East Road 39, more than 300 employees, production capacity of 30,000 tons / year, the plant covers an area of 33,000 square meters. To ensure that customers high-quality needs, the company is equipped with raw materials within the wire drawing, heat treatment, electroplating through-train service, one after another the introduction of Japan, Switzerland, the United States, Taiwan testing and production equipment more than 300 sets. Excellent character, excellent service is a relentless pursuit, in the face of fierce competition in the market, we have to be determined to a firm pace, high morale together to develop a new tomorrow.



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Con: Mr. Weng

Cel: 13958852222

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Ass:China 's Ruian City, Zhejiang Tangxia Township Hai'an Haiyang Industrial Zone, Haiyang Road No. 68


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